What is MedicSoft 6.1

Our MedicSoft 6.1 solution is designed and developed to fit into the needs and requirements of Hospitals, clinic within the complexities of the Nigerian Hospital management environment.

The MedicSoft 6.1 solution is a cloud based as well as an online real-time Hospital management solution that automates most of the hospital’s administrative activities such as Patient registration, publication of vital information, appointment notifications, diagnosis records, drugs prescription and reports as well as other activities involved in clinic management.

Features of MedicSoft 6.1

  1. Appointment Tracking
  2. Records Management System
  3. Medical Report
  4. Electronic Bill Payment System
  5. Automated Appointment Booking System
  6. Hospital Administrative Systems
  7. Ward management
  8. Admission, Discharge & Transfer
  9. Patient Care and Relations
  10. Housekeeping/ Laundry/ Catering
  11. Insurance and Contracts Management
  12. General Content Management System
  13. Access Control Management
  14. Payroll and accounts Management system
  15. Pharmaceutical /drug Inventory control system
  16. Database Security Management System
  17. User authentication and authorization
  18. Disable Scripting Actions
  19. Permission Functionality
  20. Malicious File Execution
  21. Validation of data
  22. Authentication and Session Management
  23. Data Phishing
  24. Error Handling

Benefits of MedicSoft 6.1

  1. MedicSoft 6.1 solution has a well-orchestrated and simplified user interface
  2. It Improves Clinical Decision
  3. The MedicSoft 6.1 has a Comprehensive Reporting System
  4. It Promotes Better Revenue Management
  5. Ease of Decision-Making is Guaranteed on the MedicSoft 6.1 Solution
  6. It Improves Patient Care
  7. The configuration of Tasks, Role Definition, and Privileges have been flexible
  8. It Provides a Well Detailed Financial Management System Within the Hospital
  9. It Enhances Data Security and Recovery
  10. It promotes the Ease of Payment via automated payment channels

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