What is Prohs 7.5

Prohs 7.5 is a cloud-based portal solution that integrates all the institution functions into a centralized system. The portal provides a well-integrated and seamless and easy to use tool for the effective day to day management of all the schools’ administrative and academic functions through a robust and secure database. Prohs 7.5 as a web portal without interference can be integrated into any schools’ existing website or learning management system.

With the ever-evolving trend in Information and Communication Technology, a modern-day institution deserves a complete solution that will enable it to manage every aspect of its students, staff, and payments in real time without interference.

Features of Prohs 7.5

The Front and Back End Interface: The system has been simplified to contain the two major Interface of the system. The front end which is the major interface of interaction for students and applicants, while the back end is meant for the management of the portal by staff and administrators.

  1. Configurations Module
  2. Applicant/Admission module
  3. Course Registration module
  4. Instant notification (sms/mail)
  5. Interview/Exeat/Deferment module
  6. Hostel management
  7. Transcript management
  8. Results management
  9. Fees management
  10. Students management
  11. Staff management
  12. Security management
  13. E-Payment Module

Benefits of Prohs 7.5

  1. Prohs 7.5 has a highly summarized dashboard which simplifies complex data sets to provide users with at a glancing awareness across major modules.
  2. Prohs 7.5 helps improve collaboration between students and staff of the school
  3. Prohs 7.5 helps improve collaboration between students and staff of the school
  4. Students have the will to register courses online via any internet enabled device
  5. With Prohs 7.5, institutions can now generate automated transcripts online
  6. Prohs 7.5 hostel management module helps prevent recurrent hostel allocation and reservation issues faced by schools
  7. Transfer of students by admin to any department or faculty has been simplified on Prohs 7.5.
  8. With Prohs 7.5 comprehensive messaging feature, the school has the will to get through to a vast number of the audience within the school in real time.
  9. Embedded in Prohs 7.5 is a comprehensive, printable and downloadable reporting system on major modules thereby prompting the end of excel reporting and external tools
  10. Recording, calculating, uploading and accessing of results by lecturers, students and Parents respectively, have never been made more seamless and effective.
  11. The portal solutions’ content is dynamically managed through secured databases
  12. Easy Centralized Backup Options: Database Backup is the most critical part of the Prohs 7.5 portal. It comes with an easy to manage the database-backup system.
  13. E-Payments: Integrated on Prohs 7.5 is a payment module where payments of all sought are safely and securely made online ranging from acceptance fee, tuition fee, medical fee, hostel fee and all other fee demanded by the school using the various payment gateway. The school can as well manage and determine all transactions made by students and applicants in real time.

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